Steve Gutteridge - the Home Page

Welcome to my home page. This page is still under construction, so please be patient. If you wish to pass comment or report errors, please e-mail steve @ sallyandsteve. com

Have a look at my Psion NGR converter page

And here is some of my other software that you can download:

Nonogram Solver

Nonograms are graphical logic puzzles that are printed weekly in the Sunday Telegraph. They require a logical mind to solve, and it can often take hours to do a large one. This program will solve any nonogram upto 32x32 squares. For one this size it takes only about 4 minutes on a 486DX2 66MHz PC, and smaller ones are even quicker. This program requires the Microsoft Visual Basic Runtime Library VBRUN300.DLL. If my program helps you win a prize, then please send half of it to me!

Download Nonogram Solver for PC - 4097 bytes

Casio VZ1 & VZ10M patch editor/librarian

The Casio VZ1 is one of the most versatile FM synthesizer keyboards available. The VZ10M is the equivalent sound module without the keyboard part. Although largely superseded by sample playing keyboards, FM synthesis still has a huge following. The interactive Phase Distortion and graphical editting of the Casio VZ synths puts them streets ahead of other FM synthesizers. However, even with its graphical editting on its large LCD display, getting to grips with those patches is not easy. I present here my VZ patch editor and librarian. You can now see all your parameters at once, and save your favourite patches to disk. No need for expensive proprietary RAM cards. This early version of the software has full editting of "Operation" patches, and limited editting of "Voice" patches. This will be completed soon. All I ask is that if you make up any really cool sounds that you send them to me so I can add them to me for other Casio VZ owners to download

This software has now moved to the Easy-VeeZee Web page. Please visit there to download (follow the Software link).